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Coffs Harbour
Deep Sea Release Alliance

The project involved laying of an approx. 2km long sub-sea pipeline which, for 0.6km of the underwater section, was also required to be sub-seabed.  The 0.6km section was laid in 22m segments inside a cofferdam allowing the 1m dia. pipe to be up to 5m below seabed level overcoming the difficulty of the sand bed, beach/surf interface.  The remaining 1.5km of pipeline was preassembled and floated from confined waters of Coffs Harbour, NSW to the open ocean joining site.  The pipe string was sunk and a link piece constructed and inserted. Commencement of the project was November 2003.

The Coffs Harbour Deep Sea Release contract was successfully completed in February 2005, on time and on budget!



Deep Sea Release

Diving works involved preparation of  the underwater exit site for the directional bore which opened the 0.6m dia., 400m long hole through which a 450mm dia. HDPE pipe was pulled back from sea to land.  The exit site of the pipeline was then where a diffuser section was bolted to the pipeline which needed to be protected with a large concrete shroud (approx. 30 tonne) that was bolted 3m into the rock bed.

The Ulladulla Deep Sea Release diving project was successfully completed on time and on budget inside 5 weeks in early May 2005.